Had an awesome craft day yesterday and got a lot done! We even had another friend of ours join us to work on his projects!
Keep looking out for more posts about the give away too ;D

Really late on posting this, but I made an Ursula cookie.

Really late on posting this, but I made an Ursula cookie.



That’s so true. Everyone, if you already watch Game Of Thrones see this.


I can’t stop laugh..


Oh. This. Yes.

Original Goblin Design By Megan “Sora”

So I Kind Of Came Up With This Crazy Design By Mixing A Variety Of Different Things: WoW Armor/Goblins (Specifically The Tier 12 Warlock And The Almost Metroid Looking Symbol It Had), D&D Goblins, And The Lady Melisandre From Game Of Thrones (More So Her Personality, And Not Her Specific Style). 

Another Group Of Friends Wanted To Do A Goblin Group And I Just Kind Of Jumped Right In On It. This Is What I Ended Up Coming Up With.

(The Banner On The Front Says Vengeance And Plunder, By The Way)

We Know You Guys Like Our Silly Pictures, So Here Are Some Ridiculous Ones Of Us. Car Trip, Spider Man And The GREEN GOBLIN (OH HO! I Kill Myself!) And Post Cosplay Pictures. You Guys Thought My Chrysalis Post Was Bad? Well Now I’m Green All Over.


Had An Awesome Craft Night Tonight And We’re Gearing Up For Shinbokucon!! Who Are We Going To See At Shinboku This Weekend?
So Far, Sydney And Lindsey Are Going To Be Doing The Avatar And Henry From Fire Emblem Awakening, Megan Is Going To Be Doing An Original Goblin Design, And Eric Is Going To Be Fix It Felix!

How to train your dragon contest

So we entered into a how to train your dragon contest. Had to recreate 15 seconds of a clip from the film. This is what we came up with.


Cosplay comics from Think.Nu

(via alexisstarrlove)


Sorry For The Crazy Amounts Of Posting, Guys, But OMG We Hit 360 On Facebook And 200 On Tumblr!! YESSS! Thank You Everybody <3

Photos By KRN Photography At Animarathon


Eric-Shining Armor

Megan “Sora”-Queen Chrysalis

Nightmare Moon-Sydney

Princess Celestia- Lindsey